A place to inspire dreams through love, support and a kinship with nature.

Dreams and Inspirations is held at Confidence Learning Center, also known as Camp Confidence in East Gull Lake, Minnesota. Providing new unique programs designed for specific groups in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community.

Camps and Retreats highlight the value of spending quality time with our peers who share the same experiences and communication styles. We create the time and support for each person that attends. To encourage this community, the group eats meals together, shares in-group activities, meets adults and other peers in the same situations, and lodges in small groups. The additional opportunity to share with the collective group will help to build confidence. Sharing stories and camp activities during the retreats furthers this goal of group cohesion.

Whether we are providing a camp for kids or a retreat for deaf women with breast cancer, an educational camp or a men’s fishing retreat, Dreams and Inspirations is here to provide you with everything you need. Meet your goals and have a successful, fun and inspiring personal experience. Join us for one of our camps or retreats, you’ll leave feeling connected and renewed.

If you have an idea for a camp or retreat or if you have a Deaf event and would like to use our facilities please call or email Emily – emily(at)dreamsandinspirations.com